New Website Day

Missy Kay
Every writer needs a sidekick.

My sidekick weighed 18 pounds and defeated moles, and she kept me company during this lonely endeavor called writing.

Like a good sidekick she provided comic relief and an alternate point of view. She approached every task with tenacity and enthusiasm, even if the task was simply warming my lap.

During the last ten years I’ve written millions of words. My dog heard me type every one of those, waiting and thrilled for every break. Whenever I felt like I was paddling through tar, I’d watch her sitting a vigil beneath our tree, certain the squirrel couldn’t stay out of reach forever.

Eighteen pounds of enthusiasm. Megatons of love. And so explains why my website is dedicated to a certain Cairn Terrier.

Missy Kay passed away last December. She got me to the launching pad.

Good dog, Missy Kay.


    1. A Newfie! Big aquarium for Lucy the Newfie! They are sweethearts. Another friend recently said he dreams about his dog, Skunk, who passed away 11 years ago. Maybe they visit us. Okay, where’s the kleenex….

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