CV’s Cheesy Bio

Close-up of yours trulyI write fiction.
That wasn’t always the case.

I’ve rung cash registers, held a real estate license and hooked up overhead cranes. For my mortgage-paying job I cozied up to mainframes. Trouble-shooting was the term, for what I used to do. I’ve worked in steel mills and data centers, and for a company which famously makes ketchup.

I was quintessential Pittsburgh. And that is still the case. Emerging from the Fort Pitt tunnel makes my heart say, ah. No matter where I travel, my accent gives me away, so ingrained I can’t pronounce the letter L, even in my head. Though I might stray far away at times, Pittsburgh will always be my home.

In 1998, using every second of rare spare time, I wrote my first novel on a Leading Edge computer. For safekeeping I backed it up on a 3.5” floppy, and then forgot the password. After that tiny setback, I put writing on hold for many years to focus on a paycheck. But now I’m back. Now, I trouble-shoot plots.

That first novel, by the way, was a romance which I’ve since re-titled PRACTICE. Writing Career 2.0 has produced Women’s Fiction projects. And the occasional award. Now I write Sci-Fi, something I never thought I’d do. My hesitancy was a confidence thing, but I crawled over that hurdle. Now I’m rocketing forward with starships, aliens, and micro-g.

A Sci-Fi Writer from Pittsburgh.

Nice to meet ya!


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